John Mero provides a unique training program based on vast experience for directors, trustees and managers on Revenue Generation in not for profits.

Revenue Generation in not for profits is not new. For as long as there have been not for profits they have generated money using a wide range of methods. There are 35 core methods now used by non-profit organisations.  Building a successful approach to expanding sustainable revenue requires positioning the organisation, capacity building and responsible risk taking. The not for profit organisations that excel at revenue generation are also willing to use innovation and to find new ways to realise their purpose without tripping up on their values proposition.

The range of revenue development options in not-for-profits is large, however, not all options will suit every organisation. In addition, the scale of not-for-profit revenue raising varies widely given the types and needs of organisations. For example, a few not-for-profits turnover in excess of a billion dollars a year while the majority are at the bottom of the pyramid with an annual turnover of less than 10 million. Given this range of not for profits selecting a revenue strategy has to be driven by purpose and function. In any endeavour, knowing some of the knowledge of those who have gone this way before can reduce risk and increase the chances of success, including that at times the greatest risk is to do nothing.

Typically a training program can include:

  • The importance of integrating mission, strategy and revenue development
  • The rules for staying out of trouble
  • How to create a culture of responsible entrepreneurialism
  • Developing a revenue strategy suited to the organisation
  • Case studies of successful and unsuccessful income expansion efforts
  • Determining the organisation’s preparedness to pursue alternative revenue, and
  • Completing an assessment of historic, existing and future revenue potential
  • Working with directors and managers to design a strategy
  • Plotting the course to success
  • Developing an execution strategy.

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