John Mero has earnt a reputation as a dynamic agent for performance improvement.
From his early career in manufacturing, John Mero is now VMOs principle consultant. In the past 33 years, he has worked with 809 organisations ranging from publicly listed companies, businesses in various industries, the public sector, ATSI corporations, and the entire not for profit spectrum.

John is a direct communicator with the ability to use his knowledge, analytical skills and a wide range of development tools to identify where improvement is required and to challenge and motivate others. He takes a practical approach from knowledge of what will work in specific situations.

In addition to his role as Managing Director of Vision Method Outcome Pty. Ltd.,  John is a non-executive director (NED) at Bluechain Payments Ltd UK and is currently on two Board Nominations Committees and advises both for-profit and not-for-profit Boards. John has a degree in sociology and political science focusing on organisational behaviour and performance and has advanced diplomas in directing companies. He is a veteran Fellow at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and after completing a Harvard Leadership Program was invited to become a founding member of the inaugural Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. John specialises in:

  • Governance and Board DevelopmentJohn Mero Profile Photo
  • Executive Development
  • Business Advancement
  • Reviews and Planning Processes

96% of organisations who use John’s services report significant improvements, to date, John has:

  • Assisted hundreds of organisations to significantly improve their results
  • Completed 134 comprehensive Board performance assessments
  • Completed 282 strategic thinking and planning sessions with Boards and management
  • Completed 105 business plans with Boards and management
  • Provided education services to over 3,500 directors, executives, and managers
  • Written widely on governance and related topics with 15 publications to his credit, and
  • He has been called on to support the work of specialist institutions.

John Mero has 15 publications to his credit, which explore the practical application of governance, business and leadership. John works with the most challenging and motivating governance and business situations possible. He has a passion for supporting organisations to adopt practices that will enhance performance. Over 96% of organisations who use his services report significant performance improvement.

Examples of John’s projects include:

  • Developing strategic plans that add value.
  • Supporting Directors to revitalise results in publicly listed companies.
  • Improving the interface between Councillors and the City’s executive.
  • Preparing a local government capital city executive to adopt business principles.
  • Providing business acumen development to the Defence Materials Organisation.
  • Coaching the Directors of Indigenous Boards to meet the standards of the Corporations Act.
  • Coaching the Secretary General and Executive of a state health department.

Born in Canada, John travels extensively and resides in Australia.

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