Strategic Planning involves the application of informed judgement on the best way to ensure the success of an organisation.

A Strategic Plan should be a powerful tool to focus the efforts of an organisation to

realise, both its purpose and potential. John Mero

John has facilitated 282 strategic planning sessions with Trustees, Directors, Owners, CEOs and Management Teams, providing facilitation, business position and performance analysis and an end to end service for strategy formation.

A few of his observations from his vast experience include, Strategic Planning should:

  • Enable participants to rise above operational demands and apply creative thinking to achieving success.
  • Display sound judgement in strategy selection
  • Produce plans that are easy to understand by those who will implement them
  • Provide clear performance measures
  • Involve those affected as much as practical, and
  • A well-facilitated, a strategy process will predispose participants to welcome new possibilities.

What strategic planning also does, is to test the adequacy of director and officer knowledge of the organisation’s market. The content of a strategic plan will vary according to circumstance. Typically, the content will include ensuring clarity of purpose, vision and values. There are many other elements that go into building a strategic plan that will add value. To be useful, strategic plans must set a clear framework for the CEO to develop the Business Plan and for senior managers to complete their Operational Plans.

Ultimately strategic positioning is a critical issue for Directors and Management and success is often determined by:

  • The level of ambition to improve the results
  • The strength of focus towards the long term
  • How captured the board is by dominant paradigms
  • The assumptions made about what can and can not be achieved
  • How informed the thinkers are about possibilities and opportunities, and
  • The strength of critical analysis applied to the current and future position of the organisation.

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