Board Teamwork is a key factor in successful governance. To be effective team members, directors must have both the commitment and the ability to work in a collective effort to protect and advance the best interests of the organisation they are privileged to serve.

As Directors share risk and mutual obligation, the performance of each director is vital to every other director’s interest. The most common complaints are that other directors are not carrying their share of the weight, do not have the same understanding of governance and/or are violating sound governance practices e.g. not reading their Board papers.

Many aspects of Board teamwork are simple.  For example, if directors are going in different directions they will go nowhere together. Other issues directors face are more complex, such as overcoming differences and managing personalities whilst remaining a viable decision-making unit able to look after the interests of the organisation.

John Mero offers facilitated development sessions to improve Board teamwork. These sessions work best with all directors present, are typically robust and involve direct communication. The outline of the Board Teamwork Development Program generally addresses:

  1. The ground rules for the session
  2. Checking that the foundations for Board teamwork are in place
  3. Knowing how to recognise what good Board teamwork looks and feels like
  4. Exploring what is preventing directors linking in an effective team
  5. Exploring group dynamics under everyday conditions and when the Board is under pressure
  6. The importance of avoiding acquiescence to group think
  7. The role of the chairperson in building and sustaining board teamwork
  8. Managing difficult people and issues at the board
  9. Planning how to overcome limits to good teamwork

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