Improving Board Leadership is essential to ensure Directors add great value to the organisation. Experience

confirms that many directors arrive at the Boardroom without having honed a deep appreciation

of their personal leadership styles as a director at the apex of the organisation or

how to apply leadership as a team of directors.  John Mero

Through Board leadership, Directors can lift the performance of their CEO. When CEOs feel supported by and accountable to an informed group of directors who understand the organisation’s business model and strategic circumstances, their performance improves.

A typical training program for a Board Leadership session includes:

  • The unique features that distinguish Board Leadership
  • Exploring director’s relationship to power
  • Knowing the depth of your Board’s integrity
  • The leadership styles and options available to Boards
  • How to foster a culture committed to innovation high Board performance
  • Leadership succession planning and how it is done in practice
  • The role of the chairperson in building board leadership
  • Managing the image of the board
  • What enhances or weakens board leadership, including the personal characteristics of effective director leaders
  • Techniques to map the organisation’s lifecycle , current position and future potential
  • How to set the pace and nature of change to achieve macro long term goals
  • How Board Leadership can help ensure the CEO keeps the organisation ahead of its challenges and able to pursue opportunities.

Boards are expected to control the affairs of the organisation and ensure a direction is set that will realise the potential of the organisation. Both of these functions are greatly enhanced if the Directors have a clear sense of leadership as applied in the Boardroom. To lead, Directors must create time to concentrate on the big picture and communicate their agreed direction to inspire those who work for and invest in the organisation.

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