Business Acumen Training is an essential investment; especially in this age of globalisation and market disruption.

John Mero has vast experience assisting for-profit and not for profit organisations to development their ability to deliver results and has developed a unique Business Acumen Training program.

Directors, Trustees and Managers can no longer add value without addressing the challenges and opportunities facing their organisations. Business acumen is easier to understand if the second word comes first. In other words, the acumen needed to succeed in business. Business acumen is not new to not-for-profit organisations and most long servicing not-for-profits have deployed aspects of business acumen for years. Business acumen can seem mysterious to those not familiar with the idea, examples of why a wide range of organisations seek better business acumen, are to:

  • Better position the organisation to realise its purpose and potential, especially over the long term
  • Meet the needs of clients
  • Increase their return to investors.

Many directors, trustees and senior managers do not have a substantive business background, this education program can significantly enhance their ability to provide leadership in the effort to realise the organisation’s purpose and potential through suitable business techniques.

A typical training and development program includes:

  • What is a business acumen
  • How business models can be applied in different settings
  • The vital need to master business basics in finances
  • How to analyse organisational results
  • The role operational capacity plays in the delivery of results
  • How adaptability in meeting client needs can drive success
  • How to grow revenue, profit, equity and return on investment
  • Case studies of how business acumen has improved performance
  • The personal challenges inherent in being successful in business
  • Making business case presentations
  • The challenges in implementing business intentions including change, capacity building and process re-engineering.

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