Organisational Reviews can assist the Board and/or CEO to ascertain where improvements are needed to realise the organisation’s purpose and potential. To add value, organisational reviews require a masterful understanding of what enables organisations to produce results in their operating environment. An organisational review should strive to make complex things clear, to discover breakthroughs in understanding and to identify how implementation can best produce results. Reviews must validate people’s opinions with evidence checks. Properly constructed organisational reviews are a powerful tool to facilitate change and liberate ideas and energy within the organisation.

Having completed multiple reviews across different organisational types, John Mero has ascertained that many organisations to not able to sustain a strong focus on delivering results for those they serve. When the focus on results slips people can still be busy but tend to confuse busyness with being productive. Those at the top are responsible for ensuring the organisation they lead delivers its purpose and realises it potential. At times, an external review can be instrumental in placing the organisation on the right track for success.

Organisational reviews can be conducted to different degrees, depending on the outcomes required. They can cover the whole organisation or part thereof.  To meet the exact needs of the client a pre-review process is required to scope the exercise and develop an appropriate methodology. Executing the recommendations arising from the review is a critical part of the process and involves preparing those who will lead change.

John Mero uses a methodology that is evidence based and produces deep insights into where improvements will remove blockages to performance.

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