A powerful agent for performance improvement

John Mero owns and directs Vision Method Outcome Pty. Ltd. John has improved the results of 809 diverse organisations by offering owners, directors, trustees, CEOs and managers accurate insight, practical solutions, motivation and skill development through carefully focused services addressing:

  • Training and education on Corporate Governance
  • Board performance reviews
  • Training and education to improve Executive Team Performance
  • Business Performance Development Strategies
  • Strategic Planning that delivers results
  • Masterful faciliation.

John’s unique skill set sees him engaged by a vast range of organisations seeking practical action orientated services that will improve results. The organisations John Mero works for, range from small not for profits through to ASX top 200 international companies and secretary generals and executive teams of government departments. John has been cleared for highly sensitive work by Defence Forces, Government agencies and ASX top 200 companies.

VMO’s clients are from diverse sectors, including:

  • Public companies and other businesses of various types, sizes and industries
  • Independent Colleges
  • Local government and City Councils
  • Arts organizations
  • Government Departments (State and Federal)
  • ATSI Organisations, Businesses and Associations
  • Hospitals (Public and Private)
  • Medical, Scientific and Research Institutes
  • Primary Health Care providers
  • Public Utilities
  • Peak Bodies (Regional, State, National and International)
  • Credit Unions (Mutuals) and Superannuation (Pension) Funds
  • Defence Forces and the Defence Materials Organisation

The effectiveness of the approach used by John Mero has been validated through 33 years of experience, client feedback, long-term follow through with clients and regular benchmarking against international and evidence-based best practice.

John Mero has developed a range of quick read booklets for busy directors, trustees and managers seeking reliable material they can put to immediate use.

In a series of articles, John explores the success factors in governance, executive leadership and business acumen.

Specific details of VMO clients can be provided as part of a job inquiry process.

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