Governance is the means by which the success of any organisation  is either fulfilled or not. Governance

involves Directors and Officers applying judgement and sharing mutual risk as they pursue 

the purpose and potential of the organisation they are privileged to serve.  John Mero

John has assisted over 500 Boards to improve their governance in for-profit, not for profit and government agencies by providing:

  • 134 Board Performance Assessments
  • 282 Strategic Planning sessions with directors, trustees and management
  • Governance Education and Training to over 3,500 directors, executives, and managers
  • writing widely on a range of governance topics with 15 publications to his credit (link to articles)
  • products on the practical application of governance (link to articles)
  • services to support the work of specialist institutions, including presentations and educational services.

John has clearance for highly sensitive work with Defence Forces, Government and ASX top 200 companies.

Some observations from John’s vast experience include:

  • Skilled directors can increase the prospect of organisational success
  • Directors must build the culture and systems needed to promote the best interests of the organisation
  • If directors do not enhance the performance of the organisation there are likely to be issue in the execution of role
  • Developing a common understanding of what is meant by governance and how it is applied, is imperative
  • Organisations perform better when they are accountable and when accountability ios part of a wider support and development approach
  • Accountability is not just about law, it also requires the moral maturity to make the right choices
  • Decision making must follow agreed rules and be traceable to the point of origin
  • Directors and management must be capable of responsiveness as globalisation and technology drive business survival
  • Directors must protect what corporations hold to be important including reputation, values and assets
  • Directors who do not keep pace with changes in legal expectations and changes in governance practices increase their risk.

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