Leading change is an essential leadership requirement. John Mero is a master practitioner at leading leaders to improve their personal and organisational strategies for change leadership.

Despite change being constant, adjustment to new requirements can still be a difficult experience for many. People tend to react to change depending on the value they attach to the new requirements. People may display indifference, resistance or acceptance. Organisations are social systems, and change in a social system works best with a people-based approach. For example, creating a feeling of being respected can negate adverse reactions to change.

There are times, however, when change simply must occur  in the best interests of the organisation and leaders have to make that change work. Many leaders in for-profit and not for profit organisations remain under tooled for leading complex and challenging change. There are also many myths about change that require reconsideration such as the perception that the best way to lead change is to create urgency. Many people in the workforces of today are too experienced for such tactics to work, now leaders need the ability to engage those affected.   To advance organisational performance, managers need to know the tools at their disposal.

A typical training and development program on leading organisational change includes:

  • Being able to recognise different types of change and their specific requirements
  • Success factors common in all change processes
  • The personal and the leadership qualities needed when leading change
  • The importance of values-driven leadership and the special importance of engagement skills
  • How to plan a process and anticipate common reactions to change
  • Strategies to effect positive change reactions
  • Techniques to manage resistance to change
  • Knowing how and being willing to take action when change is required to protect the interests of the organisation
  • Creating the conditions for staff-driven change
  • Creating the conditions for client-driven change
  • Preparing the organisation for continuous improvement
  • Lessons from case studies.

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