Improving Business Performance is the engine for a prosperous future. John Mero

John Mero has assisted multiple for-profits, not for profits and government agencies to improve Business Performance by enabling leaders to achieve better results. In this process, John has completed 73 business development workshops and training sessions, informed by completing an independent analysis of the organisation’s current performance.

Some of John’s observations from his vast experience include:

1. Focusing on improving business performance is essential irrespective of the size or type of company

2. Many executives become bogged in operations forcing them to work in the business, not on the business

3. Trying to build the right culture is overrated instead, focus on clear expectations and accountability

4. To determine where to improve performance requires a whole of business model analysis

5. Entrepreneurs who start businesses are seldom skilled in running businesses, especially as the business grows in complexity

6. Transitioning from a private ownership model to publicly listed company requires responsible risk taking and sustainable commitment

7. Business performance improvement strategies should significantly enhance any company’s ability to realize the organisation’s purpose and potential, including:

  • Being able to describe the business model and identify when will it next need to evolve
  • Understanding the data story of the business from end to end
  • The role operational capacity plays in the delivery of results
  • The strength of focus on meeting client needs
  • The investment in product development to stay ahead of the inevitable drop in customer interest
  • Knowing how to continually grow revenue, profit and equity
  • The personal challenges inherent in being successful in business
  • Being good at raising capital including, making business case presentations
  • Knowing the challenges inherent in process re-engineering.

The ideal situation is where everyone in the company sees Improving Business Performance as their responsibility.

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