The following testimonials are provided as written.


Thank you very much for your excellent, charming and insightful facilitation at our planning day today.  As you intuited so well our little group is at a critical juncture with a new CEO, an industry transformation inverting our business model from block grants and fending off clients to having to go find them and fund our work, while dragging our practice up from the nineties to the teens with a perennially anaemic balance sheet.   A tall order certainly, but also a great story and good enough team to grasp the 1-10-100 opportunity before it.

Should we get anywhere it will be in no small part thanks to this delightful day drawing so well on what we have to push out a full suite of credible, integrated, inspiring and assessable purpose, role, value and aspiration statements – with a cluster of workable strategies to articulate getting there, and an energised team to lead that work.  Quite a day really!  The feedback was unanimously awesome. Thanks again

Nigel Harvey, Chair, ICLA


MD/CEO – Mining Company: The goal of reaching the ASX 200 has been met. Thank you for your assistance on this journey.


Member Services Coordinator, Speakers Network – National Professional Association: I am pleased to advise the member feedback was exceptionally positive with the average score being 9.5 out of a possible high of 10 with comments like ‘this was very well received, practical, and a lot specific questions answered.


Executive Director – Manufacturing:  I have been asked by our Advisory Board members to thank you for your valuable time; the advice you gave; the questions you answered and the manner in which you dealt with us as individuals during your presentation to us.


Events Manager:  On behalf of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Victorian Division I would like to express our appreciation to you for your involvement MC’ing the Directors Breakfast “Inside an AFL Club: Kicking Governance Goals”, held at AFL World. Feedback from members and guests was extremely positive with many indicating they found the event informative and enjoyable.  The breakfast was very successful and your positive contribution was greatly appreciated.  Thank you also for taking control of the panel and questions from the audience.  Many thanks again, without your support, it would not be possible to put on such events.  I look forward to working with you in the near future.


MD/CEO – Family Business: Thank you again for facilitating such a productive weekend retreat.  You’re a true master of your craft and it was a delight to see you in action.


CEO – Doctors Network: I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance. You were brilliant.


Chairperson – Financial Services Company: Very many thanks for your workshop.  All benefited from it enormously. Look forward to catching up again in the future. Cheers.


CEO – State Tourism: I wish to sincerely thank you for the excellent work you achieved. I have had flowers, 3 extremely positive phone calls and an email thanking me for providing the opportunity to work with you and in recognition of the outcomes.


CEO – Metropolitan Hospital: Thanks again for your skill, energy and pragmatism. Several directors commented to me that it was the best strategy and governance workshop we have had to date, and I must agree.


Partner – Medical Imaging Business: Although there were home truths we needed to hear I am confident we can make progress. Staff, Management and I have gained a great deal of understanding from the process and final results. I appreciated the honesty and exchange of ideas, which will lead to improved operations, planning and communication. I found John Mero’s handling of the review to be excellent.’


Chairperson – Legal Organisation: Great process and a great result 
Thank you for facilitating a great forum. It certainly seemed like you had your work cut out for at the beginning.  I received a lot of great feedback on your facilitation skills so CEO – Local Government Council: Thank you very much for being available for our session.  I really liked that you were able to input into the discussion with comments, fact and your own observations to help stimulate audience thinking and participation.


Psychiatrist – Not for profit support agency : ‘In the fine setting of the International Room at MGM Grand Darwin, John Mero of Vision Method Outcome Pty Ltd conducted his Level One Developing Board Capacity interactive learning and development one day workshop. The day was acclaimed as highly successful as participants experienced a most talented presenter. John performed in an engaging articulate knowledgeable, insightful and highly motivating manner, introducing the key concepts and schemas concerning effective committee and board policies and practice for the governance of contemporary Western organisations. Using evidence gained from extensive experience, case studies and pertinent literature, the group worked through and explored the many issues and concerns that need to be mastered in translating the activities of a board into the best possible services that can be supplied to clients. John displayed his considerable understanding and competencies in the field, and is to be highly commended as a ‘grand master’ in this all-important field of human endeavour.’


Director – Refugee Center: Thank you so much for the session, I found it very useful and also reassuring.  All committee members present have expressed to me how beneficial the training was for them.  We have discussed to make perhaps this a regular event for each new committee after the yearly AGM.


Chairperson – Aboriginal Corporation: On behalf of the Board Members, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the provision of direction in governance for the Board.  All Board Directors and members have provided positive feedback concerning your seminar.  They are pleased to have been provided with a clear understanding as to their roles and responsibilities. We will take into consideration your welcome comments; we look forward to continuing our relationship with your company.


Senior Executive – Federal Public Service: ‘What a fantastic recommendation in John.  Well done to you for sourcing him for us.  He made what I imagined to be an excessively dull session lively and interactive… one of the most interesting and informative workshops I have ever attended.  Please pass on my compliments when you next are in contact with him.’


CEO – National Peak Body:  Thank you for facilitating the Strategic Planning Day on Saturday. Your contribution to the day was invaluable in helping the participants to work at a strategic level and to produce a well-considered and surprisingly unified vision of the way forward.  We enjoyed the opportunity to have you undertake this role and once again thank you for your contribution to a very successful day.


CEO – PHN:  Once again, thanks for the superb workshop and your valuable input at the Forum. Feedback has included things like “spectacular” and all I spoke to found the workshop extremely worthwhile and very well targeted for their needs and expectations.