Executive development is an essential strategy for organisational success. The executive faces unique

challenges and opportunities as the conduit between the board, operations and the

environment of the organisation. The executive’s ability to exceed

these challenges will determine the success

of the organisation.  John Mero

John Mero provides Executive Development training programs and facilitation processes to improve performance. He has provided 179 executive development sessions to assist for-profit, not for profit and government agencies. John’s research indicates:

1) What all executives share is the privilege of leading their organisation and the challenge of making a positive difference

2) The executive group must get themselves organised before they can offer influential leadership to the board or middle management

3) The clarity of expectations and level of accountability at the executive will always permeate down

4) People are appointed to the executive for various reasons and their capacity to perform should not be taken for granted

5) The quality of decision-making, communication and meetings will always reflect the strength of the unity at the executive

6) The ability of the CEO to lead the group, including whether the CEO:

  • Is utilising the executive as a decision-making forum or as an advisory group and the implications of the chosen style
  • Focuses on individual executive performance
  • Ensures role clarity for the executive group and individual members
  • Pursues consensus on priorities but can make decisions as and when needed
  • Resolves conflict between executive members.

A complex aspect of executive groups is the nature of the people who make it to the top. Executive members tend to be ambitious, which can adversely impact on teamwork. Research also suggests negative politics in the executive will weaken the groups’ ability to fulfil the responsibilities of their portfolio. The ability of the CEO to lead a group of strong personalities is often the key to success.

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