John Mero is a master facilitator able to create a superior process for groups to explore issues and arrive at resolutions. He is widely recognized for his unique ability to challenge and motivate people to achieve results and for being able to get positive outcomes in difficult situations through his exceptional facilitation.

Facilitation is applicable to any group activity, for example, planning, problem solving and to overcome conflict or stagnation. .

The advantages of facilitation include allowing participants  to concentrate on finding solutions and building the ownership of those involved to the agreed outcomes. In addition, people and organizations are often more capable than is realized and a skilled external facilitator can liberate internal talent.

John Mero offers a unique service entitled Confronting The Real Issues, a facilitation designed to cut through roadblocks to find solutions when other attempts have failed. He has deployed this technique with multiple organizations including ASX top 200 companies, hospital executives, ATSI organizations, arts organizations, local government, private companies, family businesses, independent colleges  and the entire spectrum of not for profit corporations.

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