John Mero conducts comprehensive evidence-based  Board Performance Evaluation and provides high-value feedback to the Board and the Chairperson on how to improve performance.

Having a talented Board is now a vital ingredient to the success of any organisation. Board Performance Evaluation can be a powerful tool to lift performance. Various factors need consideration in a comprehensive Board Performance Evaluation including the teamwork of directors, the contribution of individual directors, how the Board implements its duties and functions and uses its powers, plus the processes used by the board. In addition, the performance evaluation process must validate that directors understand the organisation they are responsible for and assess their capacity to engage in the major decisions that will shape the organisation’s future.

A sound Board Performance Evaluation process must check a variety of evidence sources and not just rely on the opinions of those involved. The specific legal and environmental factors in which the board operates must also be understood before a board assessment can add value.

John’s methodology includes the following:

  • Reviewing overall board performance
  • Appraising individual board member contributions
  • Appraising the chairperson of the board and committees
  • Independently checking evidence sources
  • Assessing financial and non-financial information reported to the board
  • Deploying a comprehensive survey
  • Conducting interviews with directors and officers
  • The confidential gathering of information on how the board is performing
  • Review of important documentations
  • A detailed report presenting the findings
  • Practical recommendations to assist in implementing change.

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