Advanced Governance requires more than a basic understanding of how to control and direct. Many directors have a

basic understanding of their role yet still do not add great value. Often the primary reasons Advanced

Directing does not occur includes directors not understanding the business model end to end,

or the strategic business environment or how to lead the advancement of 

organisational performance. John Mero

John Mero has provided education and training programs to over 3,500 Directors and Officers, including on how to achieve Advanced Governance. Governance is a moving framework of legal expectations, practices and principles and to master governance directors require a diversity of settings and situations to extend their abilities. Too often directors stay within a narrow range of organisational types, which may not expose them to the full range of governance challenges and opportunities. Education and training can help shorten this journey.

A typical Advanced Directing program includes, but is not limited to:

  • How to understand and safely redirect/transition the organisation’s business model
  • The power of the chain of command, as the basis for effective integration, execution of strategy and communication
  • How to determine performance measures where organisational advancement is needed
  • Tools to sharpen judgement and improve decision-making
  • Understanding a director’s personal, technical and tactics sources of authority
  • The importance of responsible risk taking
  • Getting beyond financial controls to a financial growth strategy
  • How to free Board time and energy for big picture thinking
  • Directing in uncertain times and through crisis
  • How the chairperson gets better performance from directors
  • Achieving a performance-based relationship with the CEO
  • What questions to ask to drive superior performance?

Advanced Governance is also a powerful way to for directors to feel less at risk and to get more from their experience.

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