The Expanding Revenue booklet is aimed  at not for profit organisations seeking to lift their revenue and outlines thirty methods that are available plus success factors for each method.

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The Expanding Revenue booklet is aimed primarily at not for profit organisations seeking to lift their revenue.  The booklet outlines thirty methods not-for-profit organisations can use to improve their revenue, including an analysis of the success factors and case studies for each method.

Many not for profits are however held back by their culture and this is also considered as are a range of strategic questions. Not all revenue options will suit every organization. In addition, the scale of not-for-profit revenue raising varies widely given the types and needs of organisations. For example, some of the largest corporate developments occurring in many countries are directed by not-for-profit organizations.

In any endeavour, knowing some of the knowledge of those who have gone this way before can reduce risk and increase the chances of success. The Expanding Revenue booklet seeks to impart this knowledge. Expanding revenue has risks that can be mitigated with knowledge and skill. For many not-for-profit organisations, however, the greatest risk they face is to do nothing.

There is nothing new in not-for-profit organisations seeking to generate revenue. In point of fact, as long as there have been not-for-profit organisations they have sourced revenue to achieve their purpose. The booklet asserts that sourcing greater revenue is not a simple matter of picking a new method and jumping in. Experience shows that success has a lot to do with understanding what is involved and skilful execution of the chosen strategy.

Of the various factors involved in designing a revenue strategy, clarity of purpose requires particular attention. The purpose of the organisation is defined by the objects in the constitution, plus the sense of mission and the ethos that guides behaviour. Pursuing revenue will involve important strategic concepts, for example, what is the role of government in the funding of essential services and does taking money from government weaken your advocacy?

The author, John Mero, pioneered many of the concepts involve din increasing not for profit revenue streams and draws on 33 years experience to produce a quick read booklet that will suit experienced and inexperienced directors and officers seeking new ideas on how to grow revenue for purpose attainment.